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              Interested Candidates please contact                     Jenna Dardis 507-645-5720

Our primary goal at Benjamin Bus is the safe transportation of our community's school children.  They are our number one customer.  We work closely with school districts in planning and designing the safest bus routes and stops.  Our goal is to do everything we can to provide your students with a safe, dependable school bus ride to and from school.

Benjamin Bus, Northfield, MN is currently seeking applicants for a Routing Supervisor.

This position is vital to the long-term success of Benjamin bus. The successful candidate must have the ability to create safe and efficient routes that meet the needs of both the school district and the company. Candidates must possess strong communication skills, be a proven team player and consistently focus on the best interest of the organization.


·  High School degree required

·  2 year or 4 year degree helpful, but not required

·  Versatrans experience helpful, can be accomplished                                  in-service/on- the-job

·  Experience with Microsoft Office (Excel, Publisher/Word) and                    Google docs

·  Must maintain valid CDL

·  Full-Time, with extra hours in August and September


Interested Candidates please contact either Northfield or Jordan offices to apply

Our drivers are the heart of Benjamin Bus

They are courteous, dependable and make every possible effort to get students to and from school safely and on time every day.